Service Detail

Bosch Professional GKS 190

The machine is intended for lengthways and Cross ways cutting of wood with straight cutting lines as well as mitre cuts in wood while resting firmly on the work piece.With suitable saw blades, thin-walled non-ferrous metals can also be sawed.Working ferrous metals is not permitted.

  • 01. Specifications
  • 02. Safety Precautions
  • Rated Input Power - 1400 W
  • No-Load Speed - 5.500 rpm
  • Weight - 4.1 Kg
  • Max Cutting Capacity in wood(90°) - 67mm
  • Max Cutting Capacity in wood(45°) - 48mm
  • Saw Blade Diameter - 184mm
  • Keep hands away from cutting area and the blade. Keep your second hand on auxiliary handle, or motor housing.
  • Do not reach underneath the work piece.
  • Do not use dull or damaged blades.
  • Do not reach into the saw dust ejector with your hands.

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